Friday, September 16, 2011


We are so pleased to announce the launch of our new, exclusively designed product


The idea came when I would go to afternoon tea and try the different flavors, usually finding a favorite.  I would forget which ones I liked or where I bought the tea and even though sometimes I'd write it down could not find it when I needed it.  So I created a small journal specifically to keep that information.  

For my Planning A Tea Party Workshops (,  part of the class included a tea tasting so I revised the formatted pages as a handout to use not only for the tea tasting portion but for the afternoon tea that followed.  The tea room I taught in had 300 varieties to choose from so my handout was helpful in remembering the ones they liked.

That tea room carried an early version of the journal which was made with handmade paper but now has evolved into a hand bound and a spiral bound version.
  The hand bound has a dark brown, pebble-textured, leather-like cover, with an inside pocket to hold a pen, business cards, folded menus, etc.  It is trimmed and ties with a matching dark brown silk cord and a silver tone tea pot charm to accent it.

The spiral covers are offered in top and side spiral bound versions and a choice of cream or light brown cover with the word TEA hand stamped in a random pattern.

I designed and carved the stamp myself, making the letters in the shape of tea leaves.

The inside pages for all of the journals are cream color with dark brown ink and the paper is Green Seal Certified.  I wanted the colors and tones to echo the colors of tea and cream.  They are just the right size to easily slip into a purse or pocket when you go on your tea adventures.

After monitoring tea shops, the internet, and tea sites as I developed these designs, it appears I am the only one in the world that offers them. 

They make a wonderful addition to any tea gift basket.  The journals are a labor of love and I am very proud to offer them for purchase.

If you are interested in purchasing them, or want additional information such as detailed descriptions, photos, company profile or view other products also available, please visit my on-line store at:

Hope you have a T-lightful day!