Thursday, January 17, 2013

ART-TEA PARIS TOUR, an invitation ...

Love tea?  Love Paris in the Fall?
Would you love to have TEA in PARIS this Fall?


please check back for 2014 dates

We have partnered with GO AHEAD TOURS, a major international travel company
to offer you a group travel package of 7 - 9 days in Paris
with the option of exploring the city on your own,
take a 4 day, ART-TEA PARIS WALKING TOUR through us, PAPER ARCHITECT ( and this blog is a subsidiary of PAPER ARCHITECT).

This walking tour will include each day
visiting a museum, a garden and a tea room in a specific area of Paris
where you will learn about the personality of that arrondisment/neighborhood.

We will be limiting this tour to no more than 12 people
to create a more intimate group of visitors to Paris.

GO AHEAD TOURS provides the travel arrangements at a group rate  --
airfare, hotel, shuttles to/from airport, welcome dinner, 
on-site travel assistance in Paris and rewards membership.
Their travel package is called Paris City Stay.
To calculate travel costs and review travel details and policies

To learn about our 4 day walking tour, click on:

We also have a TRAVEL SOLO TO PARIS blog 
that will post information about the trip and all things Paris.

This is your chance to not only see Paris 
but to share your love of tea with others
who  have the same interests.

Solo travels can be paired for hotel arrangements 
to save on supplemental charges.

You may be traveling solo but you will not be alone.
This could be a life changing experience.

PARIS, TEA, art and atmosphere.
You will see just why this city is so loved
in an intimate setting.
No large tour buses, heavy traffic, 
short, limited visits to lovely places,
rushed from site to site.
This is a more relaxed immersion into the Parisian culture.

A conference call will be scheduled in February 
to present the information on both the GO AHEAD TOUR travel details
Details will be posted here, 
on the PAPER ARCHITECT website:  

This customized tour can create or continue 
a love affair with Paris .... and tea.
Come join us!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

National Hot Tea Month - January 2013

January is the perfect month to celebrate National Hot Tea Month.  The weather is cold and a nice hot cup of your favorite tea will warm you right up.  It's a comfort drink.

Tea Time Magazine has a great list of suggestions for enjoying National Hot Tea Month to the fullest.

  • Host a tea in your home.  Invite at least one person who has never experienced afternoon tea.
  • Give the gift of tea.  Place your favorite tea in a pretty cup, and present it to a friend who isn't an avid tea drinker.
  • Try a new flavor, blend or type at least once a week.  To ensure the best taste, pay special attention to the recommended water temperature and infusion time.  (see older post here:  Brewing Times for Tea; 1/27/12)
  • Treat yourself to a high-quality tea, such as an oolong.  Although these teas are more expensive ounce for ounce, you can steep the leaves multiple times, making them cheaper cup for cup.
  • have a tea tasting.  Prepare three or four teas to sample.  Our staff once tasted different brands of Earl Grey tea.  It was interesting to note the flavor variations.
  • Keep a tea journal.  As you try different teas, write down your impressions.  (purchase handcrafted tea journals at our etsy shop:
  • Visit your local tearooms.  If you have even one in your area, you are most fortunate.  Please support it.
To read the full article and find more tea information, go to:

Have a wonderful month of delicious tea!